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E3 2016: Japanese Side Scroller Earth Wars Gets Worldwide Xbox One Launch as Earth's Dawn

Posted by Ken Barnes

Making the jump

Rising Star Games have picked up Japanese developer OneorEight's side-scrolling Manga-styled action RPG Earth Wars and will release it to the rest of the world as Earth's Dawn.

The game gives players the task of saving Earth from an alien race called the E.B.E. This race is only susceptible to weapons created from their own technology, it has been discovered, and with this in mind, the world has the power to fight back. Combat is the focus in Earth's Dawn, with a layered system including fighting game-style combos, aerials, and sliding attacks, as well as finishing moves.

An E3 2016 trailer has been released, which you can check out below.

Earth's Dawn will hit Xbox One in the autumn.

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Souldin said:

I think I remember this from a couple years back; looks pretty neat. As it is a side-scrolling Manga-styled action RPG, I am naturally interested. I'll consider this, but I've so many games I'm interested in right now so it might end up getting lost within a backlog.

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