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Rock Band 4 for Xbox One Compatible With Xbox 360 Instruments, But You'll Need an Adapter for Wireless

Posted by Ken Barnes


When Rock Band 4 launches for Xbox One in October, you will be able to just plug your Xbox 360 instruments in and play it using those. However, if your instruments are of the wireless variety, you'll need to make an extra purchase.

Wireless players will need to splash out some cash for the Legacy Game Controller Adapter, which will support up to four wireless devices and that will be available in a bundle with the game itself. The bundle will cost $79.99/£69.99.

Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak said: "By offering game-only options and supporting seamless compatibility with previous-generation music game controllers, we're thrilled to be offering the best value for longtime music gaming fans this holiday."

Of course, the extra cost is a small price to pay really, considering that all of your Xbox 360 DLC will port right across to your copy of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One at absolutely no cost. The Music Store will carry on supplying DLC at a decent rate, with 1,600 tracks being available right now that will all work on Xbox One. On disc, over 60 tracks will be included. The following batch of tracks were confirmed today:-

  • .38 Special – "Caught Up In You"
  • Arctic Monkeys – "Arabella"
  • The Both – "Milwaukee
  • Cake – "Short Skirt/Long Jacket"
  • Little Big Town – "Little White Church"
  • Lucius – "Turn It Around"
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – "The Impression That I Get"
  • The Protomen – "Light Up The Night"
  • Soundgarden – "Superunknown"
  • Tijuana Sweetheart – "Pistol Whipped"

Rock Band 4 launches for Xbox One on October 6th.

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KelticDevil said:

I was hoping the music game fad had died. Unfortunately, it's back for another go.......until it dies again. Hopefully quicker this time.

Charging people anything at all to use old plastic toy instruments is ridiculous to me.

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