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Xbox One and 360 Digital Titles Now On Sale At

Posted by Ken Barnes

Surprise move

Everything-store-giant has been selling PlayStation 4 digital content for a while - since the PlayStation 4's US launch, in fact - but now it seems that Microsoft are finally getting in on the action.

Obviously, you've been able to pick up Xbox Live credit for a while too, but until now, just straight up purchasing a new digital title from anywhere other than the Xbox Games Store either via your Xbox console or the web wasn't possible. As of today though, you can pick up Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox One, and Dust: An Elysian Tail or State of Decay on Xbox 360. When you buy, you're sent a redemption code for the specific title, rather than for store credit that can be used on anything.

Amazon has a specific "digital" section for PlayStation 4 codes and DLC and we're pretty sure that sort of thing is also on the cards for the Xbox One and 360.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, in short, more options is always good. We're not saying that there will be any price wars between Microsoft and Amazon anytime soon, but if Amazon has a sale, there's a chance that you'll be able to get a few bucks off a digital title. It also means that you can use any Amazon gift certificates towards specific games, or add titles to your Amazon wish lists - handy for Christmas!

As it stands, only those three titles are available, but more will come. We'd imagine that a much broader range of titles will become available, if not the full range.

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dok5555555 said:

They actually used to do this before but one day they randomly pulled all the digital games from Amazon. Maybe they settled some sort of dispute?



Generik said:

I'm still much more likely to just purchase via the console or website, especially with the preloading that's coming very soon. But I would fully expect Amazon getting involved in this area will result in better digital pricing, especially on games that are no longer 'new'. There have been plenty of times I almost purchased an older game digitally and stopped because I knew I could save $5-15 by going and getting it used at Gamestop. Even older games unused are cheaper at a retail outlet than digitally in most cases and that's what I hope will come to an end with this announcement.

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