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Review Roundup: Madden NFL 15 Intercepts Very Good Scores On Xbox One

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Who's ready for Madden season?

Football season is nearly here, which means this year's iteration of Madden is set to snap. But you already knew that, right? With all those obnoxious commercials in regular rotation on TV and the internet, it would be borderline impossible to be unaware of the game's impending launch. So the question you might be asking yourself at this particular moment in time is: should I allow Madden NFL 15 to tackle $60 from my wallet? To help you better make that decision, we've prepared a look at the handful of reviews that have touched down on the net.

Here's what critics are saying about Madden NFL 15:

Softpedia — 9/10

"Madden NFL 15 is the kind of game that can occupy the time of a dedicated player for an entire year and it feels so complete that EA Sports will be hard pressed to find innovations that it can include in next year’s version."

Game Revolution — 4.5/5

"Madden NFL 15 is a solid title that's actulaly one of the better editions to date. To help compensate for the lack of playable game modes, each mode is heavily layered with razzle-dazzle features to fill the void. Small touches of detail, such as kicking and punting assistance, cover the rest of the holes. Cam Newton even lends a hand or a voice in this situation and drops some knowledge for everyone. It’s just a shame a Seahawk made the cover this year... cough cough Madden curse cough."

IGN — 8.7/10

"After the letdown of Madden 25 last year, Madden 15 feels like a mostly fresh start for the series. The increased emphasis on defensive play, a great new play-calling system, and the return of long-time favorites makes this year’s Madden one of the best in recent memory, even if it could still use work in regards to its stale commentary and longstanding bugs. As a lifelong Madden and football fan, I’m impressed. This year’s game is both exciting and reassuring that EA Sports isn’t wasting opportunities to improve the series."

Game Informer — 8/10

"Sports games like Madden are often chided for being too iterative, but in this case I hope we're witnessing the first steps in a larger progression. Future Maddens need to support Madden 15's additions so we don't wonder why once-prominent features haven't evolved. The series can't withstand another rebuilding year or worse - an entire console generation thrown away."

Shacknews — 8/10

"Madden NFL 15 doesn't quite define what a next-gen football experience should be just yet, as certain setbacks keep it from being a Super Bowl champ. However, we are seeing signs of evolution, and that's a big step forward for the franchise. EA Tiburon could be onto something, and if it continues to listen to fan feedback , we could be in for some glorious days of video game football yet. For now, this is definitely worth checking out, as it's far from the same old thing."

Have these reviews convinced you to pick up Madden 15 this week, or were you planning to purchase it regardless of scores? Pass your commentary on down to the end zone (aka the comments).

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User Comments (4)



EternalDragonX said:

I'll believe it when I see it but thanks to EA we won't have a demo so I'm pun intended.



SuperKMx said:

Been playing the early access 6-hour trial via EA Access and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. Might step back to Madden NFL 25 which is free in the EA Access vault and see if there's enough of a difference for me to have to splash out on the new game



Sir_JBizzle said:

@SuperKMx I think that's what I plan to do (going back to Madden 25 from the Vault), as I'm still conflicted if I want to drop 60 on a game that will take a back burner to all the other great content that's releasing across all three platforms in the next few months. The other part of me feels like I should hold off on madden altogether until it's no longer a cross-gen title.

When you do go back to Madden 25 let me know if you think it's really worth it to upgrade to 15.



Gamer83 said:

Picking up the Madden X1 bundle tonight not sure I'm completely sold on the game but it's free with the system so I figure what the hell.

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