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Madden 15 Demo Locked Behind EA Access Paywall With 6 Hour Limit

Posted by Wayne Davies

Bad news for some

EA have announced that the first early access deal to come to their EA Access package will feature Madden NFL 15 and will limited to "six gameplay hours." Obviously, it'll only be accessible by EA Access subscribers.

The announcement comes via Twitter, when a user asked "What kind of access we will have to Madden 15?" EA Access responded with:

Those six hours represent total playing time, so you can freely space your play sessions across the five day early access period as you wish, and that access period starts on August 21st.

This follows last week's news that there would be no public demo for Madden 15 and only those subscribed to EA Access would be able to play it as part of the early access scheme. This will be the first time in a decade that EA haven't released a demo for Madden. EA said:

"The difficult decision not to do a demo for Madden was strictly a result of the team's commitment to deliver the highest-quality game possible. We chose to put 100 percent of our development resources toward the full game."

It's clear that EA is trying to add value for money to EA Access by offering early access to Madden 15 and other games as an incentive, but without a public demo, Madden fans on other platforms or those who don't want to pay for another subscription service, will feel as if they're being left out to dry until release day. The issue is worsened somewhat by the fact that last year's game was available as part of the EA Season Ticket, which allowed subscribers to play for a full three days before the game came out.

We can only hope that those players who don't have an EA Access subscription will be catered for with a public demo once Madden NFL 15 has been officially released on August 26th.


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Emanouel said:

I can say this is really a bad thing . I know down the road the demo will be for everyone. As the ea access grows they will be adding more games and other goodies. Maybe even a free ea gold pack each month for the members

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