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FMV Returns From The Grave As First NHL 15 Gameplay Video Hits The Net

Posted by Ken Barnes

Ready for the face off

EA Sports' NHL 15 is heading to Xbox One and Xbox 360 this year and while we've seen a bunch of "sizzle" trailers and pre-renders, live gameplay has been tough to come by.

EA have done the right thing though, and released a direct feed gameplay trailer, which shows the introduction to a match between the St Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks, complete with full-screen video shots of St. Louis, and a strangely awesome mix of live-action and gameplay when the game's presenters Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk turn up to introduce the action. It's an interesting approach and one that we'll probably see more of from EA as time goes on.

And we thought FMV died with the Mega-CD and Mad Dog McCree.

NHL 15 is out on September 9th, with a demo coming on August 26th.

(Watch out for the buzzer beating one-timer at the end of the trailer. You just can't coach that.)

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SuperKMx said:

@Emanouel I agree with you - it looks kinda cool! I can't wait to get the full game. Really looking forward to it.



Emanouel said:

@SuperKMx, at least the demo is out soon so we can finally play a NHL game on next gen consoles. I really hoped they would of used Hockey Night In Canada as the presentation and had the coaches corner between periods.



Emanouel said:

@SuperKMx, Maybe if 2K brings back hockey they can use the CBC broadcast presentations, heck they can call it Hockey Night In Canada 2K16

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