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EA Demos Aren't Dead Yet, NHL 15 Demo Set For August 26th

Posted by Ken Barnes

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It seems that EA haven't given up on the notion of providing demos to gamers outside of their EA Access program, despite confirming that Madden NFL 15 won't be getting a pre-release demo earlier in the week.

The company have confirmed that all Xbox One owners will be able to get their hands on a demo of NHL 15 come August 26th, with the full game releasing on September 9th. The demo will see the New York Rangers face the Los Angeles Kings at your choice of Madison Square Garden or the Staples Center, and will consist of three two-minute periods. Three new camera angles and three difficulty settings will be available for play.

With a little bit of math, we work that out to mean that EA Access subscribers will be able to download the limited demo on August 26th, then download the full game for a trial (of at least two hours) on September 4th, then buy the full game on September 9th.

Whew. Get your bandwidth ready, hockey fans!

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Emanouel said:

Cool i can't wait to try the DEMO. great job EA for finally improving on the demos.

1. Allowing you to play from 1 of 2 arenas
2. having a game with 3 period of gameplay vs just one period.

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