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Xbox One July System Update Now Available

Posted by Anthony Bacchus


Microsoft has begun rolling out the latest software upgrade for Xbox One and should be available for everyone today.

As we outlined last month, the new update will allow players to immediately snap various apps simply by double-tapping the Xbox Home button on the controller. With this new feature comes a new app called Achievement Snap which will snap your achievements without leaving the game you're playing. This was one of our major gripes since launch and it's good to see a more practical and efficient way to see your achievement progress in real-time.

In addition to that, users in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria can now use voice control with either the English or German settings. Microsoft also stated that publishers will now have the ability to offer future digital bundles on the Xbox Games Store. And lastly, players can now 'like' Game DVR clips they view from other Xbox Live users. Sounds like fun!

Get downloading, folks!

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Dohv said:

How come me and my little bro never got an update on our Xbone today ? Does it update while the console is off ?



Anthinator said:

@Dohv if your console is set to standby mode then yes, the update could have downloaded and installed for you already. Easiest way to find out is to double-press the Xbox home button and see if the snap window appears



hYdeks said:

@Dohv if you left everything to the original settings, then yes it probably downloaded in standby mode by itself, me personally I took that off cause standby mode is suppose to take up a lot of power in standby mode. If you don't have it set to standby, the Xbox One logo will pop-up, then after that a screen that says "Time to update".

I appreciate the update, especially for the achievements cause it kinda sucked stopping the game to load the achievement app, then go to the menu and back into your game



Dohv said:

@hydeks Alright thanks I think I will take my Xbone out of standby mode too since it uses a lot of power.



EternalDragonX said:

Dammit! I can't turn my controller off anymore by double tapping the xbox button.
Also I find it kinda neat that now my kinect is giving me problems turning on and off and my tv through the xbox no longer has sound. This was a great update indeed.......



SuperKMx said:

@EternalDragonX Might be worth a call to Xbox Support, as I don't have those problems. Although I must say I've never been able to turn the controller off with a double-press...always had to hold the button down and select "Turn Off Controller" from the menu. Sucks that you're having trouble



EternalDragonX said:

@SuperKMx on the second tap you could hold the button down and it would shut off. This way you can turn it off without interuption during a movie or show. Now it snaps...urgh i hate this snap crap.



EternalDragonX said:

Fingers crossed it stays the same but just a hard reset did the job with my kinect and i had to do it twice for the audio issue with the tv. Im loving the updates monthly though aside from this one.

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