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Xbox One Available for Pre-Order in China

Posted by Emma H. Pira

First console in China for 14 years

This article has been updated since first posted.

Since 2000, mainland China has seen no new consoles on its markets due to the ban the government placed on video game consoles. The ban was introduced due to concerns about the negative impact video games were said to have on the younger generations and on mental health in general. 13 years later, last September, the ban on console games was lifted and instead replaced with heavy censorship rules stating, for example, that games threatening China's "national unity, sovereignty or territorial integrity" would be ruthlessly banned.

Now it appears as if Microsoft will be the first company daring to enter the market again after 14 years of no consoles. Chinese gamers will soon be able to pre-order the Xbox One, which is said to be released "soon" according to a Microsoft spokesperson. "Soon" means most likely sometime in September this year, which is when Microsoft has confirmed an Xbox One release for 26 countries that are still awaiting the console; some of these being big markets like India, Russia, parts of Europe as well as Sony-fortified Japan. Update: The Chinese console launch is now confirmed for September 23.

Prices are yet to be disclosed, but China's second biggest e-commerce company, Inc., will accept pre-orders from July 28th to July 31st through mobile social networks Mobile QQ and WeChat. will also be taking pre-orders at their booth at Shanghai's ChinaJoy Expo this Thursday. It's also said that one of China's smaller telecommunications companies, China Telecom Corporation, has scored an exclusive contract to sell the console after release to its broadband subscribers — its 30 million broadband subscribers!

Sony revealed back in May that there were plans on a PlayStation 4 launch in China, but has yet to reveal when exactly a launch would take place.


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kensredemption said:

I imagine the XBOs were manufactured and assembled in China, so it'd be easier to pump them out into the market.

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