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US Xbox One Sales "More Than Double" After Kinect Stripped From Bundles

Posted by Ken Barnes

Good news abound!

Microsoft is claiming that since they stripped the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One in the US on June 9th, sales of the console are "more than double" what they were in May, with growth continuing in the Xbox 360 sector as well.

The company isn't issuing any hard numbers, but the claim is based on internal data regarding "sold through" numbers, as opposed to the more common practice of reporting based on the number of systems that are shipped to retail outlets which may still be cluttering up a Target or Gamestop warehouse somewhere, rather than being sat under a customer's television.

We're not expecting to see the system overtake the PlayStation 4 just yet when the official NPD monthly data is announced, but the month-to-month race should at least be a bit closer than it was....we hope.

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EternalDragonX said:

Well I for one use my XB1 more than my PS4 so its only a matter of time before the XB1 picks up in sales over the PS4. Especially since the console has limited AAA exclusives and the PS4 is used mainly for multiplatform games.



kensredemption said:

My console hierarchy goes in this order:

1) Wii U
2) PlayStation 4
3) Xbox One

The reason being that Microsoft's IPs don't really interest me. I never got into Gears of War and Fable went downhill. Halo was the 360s only saving grace when I was on it. Now I'm just waiting for the Master Chief collection. As far as the PS4 goes. There's plenty of great free-to-play games and since the online-only games don't require PS+ I'm all over it. Still, not having to pay to play online in addition to obscenely chaotic action games coming up for it, I'd still pick the Wii U over the others.

I'm a gamer. I play games.



Gamer83 said:

Frankly first thing I thought when I saw these articles popping up today was 'no sh*t.' I still think it was idiotic for MS not to have a Kinectless bundle from the beginning, but then again, a lot of MS' early decisions, whether out of arrogance or whatever, were not very bright. Happy to see Phil Spencer has turned things around for the better, MS has to do whatever it needs to to keep him around for years. It took 7 years to finally replace Peter Moore and Shane Kim with somebody with a clue.



hYdeks said:

I bought one and I absolutely love the system! I still plan to buy a Wii U too though. Not getting a PS4, my love with Sony has definitely died.

@ kensredemption if you have no real interest in Microsoft or Xbox, why you keep posting on this site AND own a Xbox One?



sinalefa said:

Now I would be interested to know if this increase in sales is due to NOT having Kinect, or the system being $400, or even both.



Generik said:

After spending 8-9 months with the Xbox One and using Kinect on a daily basis, I can say I'd be hard pressed to want an Xbox One without Kinect. Obviously it hasn't been utilized much at all for gaming, but it has added a few wrinkles to some multiplatform games, such as Battlefield 4. And I love navigating the system using voice commands. What I worry about now that they have unbundled it, is if this is the death of that peripheral. Will we see future improvements to how it functions, integration into future games, etc?

It's great that the Xbox One is seeing sales increases. I just worry about the cost, especially to those of us that were early adopters and the few like me that were really on board with the vision they had.



EternalDragonX said:

@Generik My thoughts exactly. I would love to see them really push a reason for people to want the device. I honestly think games would do the trick. Last gen the kinect games were not the problem. It was the device that was the problem controlling those games. I love my kinect but I got much more use out of the old one and especially games like Kinect sports. KSR can suck me though I dunno what the hell rare was thinking with that pile of crap.



kensredemption said:

@hydeks I never said I didn't have an interest in Microsoft in general. Just no interest in Xbox Live or most of the IPs. Halo still has my interest as well as Dance Central. Don't be so sensitive or political about this. What I do with my money is my business, and as a gamer, I choose to invest my money into games that I find I will actually enjoy. At the moment, the genres that pique my interest are sci-fi FPSs, RPGs and rhythm games.



hYdeks said:

@kensredemption I'm not being sensitive at all, was just curious why you own a Xbox if you had no interest in it's IP's, but Halo counts lol If your interests right now are sci-fi FPS and RPG's, there should be good games coming for you on Xbox sometime down the road (hopefully a new Mass Effect!!!) I thought you had no interest in Xbox at all, why I was curious why you would own an Xbox One lol

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