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Japanese Xbox One Launch Bundles Detailed

Posted by Ken Barnes

Four SKUs set to go on sale

The Japanese Xbox One launch is creeping up on us, with September 9th drawing ever nearer. Microsoft has confirmed that four - count 'em - hardware bundles will be available on launch day, offering varying benefits.

The grand-daddy of them all with be the limited edition bundle, which is styled in a similar way to the "Day One" edition that was released in the US and Europe. That bundle comes with the Kinect sensor, Titanfall, Kinect Sports Rivals, and Dance Central Spotlight. That one will set you back ¥49,980 (£288 / $492).

The Kinect-free limited edition bundle will provide just the console and Titanfall, for ¥39,980 (£231 / $393).

Any consumers that miss out on the limited edition bundles will be offered either the Xbox One with Kinect and Dance Central Spotlight for ¥49,980, or just the standalone Xbox One without Kinect, for ¥39,980.

With 29 titles available at launch, it looks like Microsoft is going to do its best to bury memories of failed Japanese launches past. The original Xbox and Xbox 360 both met with general disinterest in Japan, so it'll be interesting to see how the Xbox One does, come September.

Xbox One launches in Japan on September 9th.

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Emanouel said:

Honestly, they should have bundled FORZA 5 for Japan instead of sports rivals and dance central.



Emanouel said:

gran turismo is big in japan and forza is quite like it , a better game then sports rivals or dance central

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