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FXNow App Will Feature Every Simpsons Episode Ever This October

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Get ready to become one with your couch

Yep — you read that right, Simpsons fans.

Starting this October, cable subscribers that have access to FXX will be able to stream all 522 episodes of The Simpsons through the FXNow app on Xbox One and Xbox 360. will also launch at the same time and will offer many interactive features, like personalized playlists, clip sharing, and history/bios of Springfield locations and its expansive cast of characters. That's a heck of a lot of Simpsons to over-d'ohs on, don't you think?

Those of you that can't wait that long will be happy to know that FXX will be airing all 25 seasons of The Simpsons in order from August 21st through September 1st, which is said to make for "the longest running marathon in TV history." The Simpsons Movie will even be worked into the lineup in its chronological position.

FXNow is currently only available in the US — sorry, rest of the world.


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ThreadShadow said:

Even the controversial "Clue in the Clock"?

I actually would like to see the New York episode again. Never saw it on TV again after a certain event.



holchasaur said:

@ThreadShadow The New York episode was hilarious. Its been a long while since I've seen it, as well. And I'm not certain about Clue in the Clock, but everything I can find says "every episode ever," so I imagine it would be included.



ThreadShadow said:

@DRL Sorry, I was making a Simpson's reference. Lisa Simpson saw Mr. Burns collection of Nancy Drew books in his library and he had every one ever, including the controversial Clue in the Clock. Hope I didn't waste your time!

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