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AirMech Arena Closed Beta Takes Off Next Week

Posted by Ken Barnes

Xbox 360 exclusive finally set for departure

Ubisoft has confirmed that AirMech Arena - a game that disappeared from the radar for an awfully long time - will enter a closed beta phase on Xbox 360 next week.

Starting from July 23rd, players who are accepted as beta participants will get their hands on Carbon Games' new title. The game will be free-to-play (with chargable upgrades and in-game content, obviously) when it releases, and beta testers will be able to take part in the full compliment of single-player, and multiplayer (both co-op and competitive) modes, including team play featuring two or three players per side.

Ubisoft stated: "In AirMech Arena, players command giant transforming robots that fight to capture and protect bases while building colossal armies to take on waves of enemies. As players conquer fortresses, they unlock powerful units, pilots, items and AirMechs and can customize their armies to fit their personal gameplay preferences."

To register for the beta, head on over to the official site at

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