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Rumour: Is Outlast Breaking Out Onto the Xbox One?

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Germany rating spotted

First-person survival horror indie hit, Outlast, has purportedly been rated in Germany, implying that it's finally making its way onto Xbox One.

The rating was spotted and screen-capped by Twitter user Lifelower, who first took notice to a Alien: Isolation listing before it was ever confirmed. The rating certainly looks legit, and developer Red Barrels already released the game on PS4 back in February so there is a strong possibility development on an Xbox One version has been in the works.


Outlast has been called one of the scariest games in recent years, and our friends over at PushSquare gave it a glowing review.

No release date has been given but with [email protected], independent developers can self-publish at any time.


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holchasaur said:

I can't... I want to...

There's just no way I'm brave enough for this game. NO. WAY.



Gamer83 said:

Started strong but the lack of any real combat hurt it about halfway through. Still worth a look though if you want a decent horror experience.



Dohv said:

Played this thanks to PS+ and like the guy above said, the lack of combat kind of stopped me from playing it. At least have a bat or something.

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