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Xbox One May System Update Starts Rolling Out

Posted by Ken Barnes

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

As we reported it would be last week, the Xbox One May system update is locked down and ready to roll.

As well as the usual stability fixes, the update contains a new feature called Sound Mixer that allows you to alter audio levels. With this, you can control the sound levels of two apps when using Snap. Also, you can change volume levels when using Kinect for chatting. Find it in the Display & Sound section of the Settings app, as shown below.

Thanks to the last system update, you don't even need to wait for this one to roll out automatically. If you're desperate to play with Sound Mixer, just head into the System section of the Settings app, and select "System Update" to grab it on-demand as soon as it goes live.

Another new feature is the ability to opt-in to help to improve speech recognition for all Xbox One gamers. So we're all absolutely clear on what this means in terms of your privacy, we'll leave it to Microsoft to explain...

The more voice samples we have to input into our algorithms, the better and more responsive Xbox One can be to our fans. If you want to help us in our efforts to make voice and speech improvements for Kinect even better, you can opt-in to a speech data collection. Under Settings, then Privacy & Online Safety, go to Customizing privacy and online safety and set Share Voice Data to Allow. This is completely optional and all voice data shared via this setting will be used for product improvement only.

So, nothing earth-shattering this time around, but improvements are improvements!

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