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Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Eleven

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Fairy tales, time travel, and FORE!

For those of you new to the site, WGAYPTW is a laid-back feature that allows us to share our upcoming weekend gaming plans with all of you. By providing a little window into our personal lives, you can learn what makes us tick as gamers and learn which writer's gaming tastes may align with yours. But this doesn’t only work one way. Once you’ve read through the words we’ve prepared, we’d love if you would head to the comments and tell us about your weekend agenda, as well. Trust us, it's the right thing to do.

Also, keep your eyes out for a Mario Golf: World Tour tournament code below. We're going to be participating in couple rounds of golf this weekend, and we're openly welcoming all challengers. We aren't very good, so be sure to take it easy on us, okay?

With that, it's time to tee off and get this weekend started!

Ken Barnes (@SuperKMx)

Mario Golf: World Tour — I've played Everybody's Golf on the PS Vita to absolute death, and I needed a new cartoony-golf fix. I've only played a bit of MG:WT so far, but it seems like it'll fit the bill. I might even venture online and play a tourney or two!

Child of Light — After our streaming exploits with Child of Light a day or two before the game came out, I haven't had a chance to pick it up again. This weekend seems like as good a time as any to step back in to Lemuria.

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition — Having played through a stack of top-down shooters of late on my latest contraption, I spotted this kicking around on my shelf and fired it up earlier in the week. Three hours later, I realised that I may have become a bit hooked. It doesn't matter how many times I play through it, I can always use less continues or get a higher score.

Dave Letcavage (@DRL)

It's going to be a "little bit of this, little bit of that" kind of weekend. While I fully expect review duties to intervene at some point, I mostly plan to kick back in my retro game room, dabbling in a bit of nostalgia. Metal Slug: Anthology, Kirby's: Return to Dream Land, and Twisted Metal II all sound like plausible indulgences. I might even cozy up with my Dreamcast if the mood strikes me.

Also, like Ken, I plan to spend lots of time kicking up chunks of dirt and grass in Mario Golf: World Tour. In fact, I've even created a tournament if any of you would like to play with us:

pX Open Tourney Code: 32-8264-3516-7616

I've been SO hooked on this game that it's already my 5th most-played 3DS game (3rd if you don't count the eShop or Colors 3D as games). In two weeks I've already logged more hours than I did with games I was wrapped up in for months. That's nuts!

Anthony Bacchus (@Anthinator)

Super Time Force is one of the craziest, coolest games I've played in recent memory, but it also makes me want to throw my controller half-way across the room. This weekend, I'll be finishing the game in it's entirety and then if I'm brave enough — tackle Super Hard Mode. Wish me luck!

Of course, a weekend wouldn't be complete without a few matches of Titanfall. With the release of the Expedition DLC this week, that means I can extend my mech-fighting skills to three all-new maps. I'm all geared up and ready to go!

After I'm done spraying bullets left and right with both of those games, I'll be jumping into Child of Light. It really is an incredible and beautiful game so far with just the right amount of RPG elements that don't overwhelm the player. Next up, I'll put down the Xbox controller and boot up Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze on WiiU. I'm enjoying the awesome level design so far and the brutal challenge is very welcoming. It's going to take me and my girlfriend quite some time to collect all the KONG letters, jigsaw pieces and to unlock all the hidden levels.

I sure hope there's enough time this weekend for me to play all of these games. Oh Dr. Repeatski, why can't your time-travelling ability be real?

Wayne Davies (@WayneDavies89)

This weekend I'm going to play some games I have neglected over the last few months.

I've always enjoyed TCG's (Trading Card Games) and Hearthstone is one of the best I have played in a while. I've played it ever since the closed beta and built some insane decks along the way. Unfortunately, since its official release I have let the game slip away from me, and the game is now full of fresh meat... I mean, new players to go up against. So with a new expansion also coming out soon, I think it's time to dust off my decks and get playing again.

Battlefield 4 has really collected some dust on my shelf recently. Last time I played it was when the Navel Strike DLC first launched, and that was only for an hour. I have a collection of new assignments to unlock and I'd possibly like to get a Megalodon shark to drop its big self on my head. I also just realized that the second I log on it will feel like Christmas, with at least a dozen new Premium Battlepacks waiting to be opened.

Eric Santana (@EricDS)

I've had a backlog that I need to catch up with so I have a good mix of recent classics and new releases to play through. Child of Light has been a blast to play through co-op and I plan to finish my adventures in Lemuria with my brother this weekend. The battle system, great characters, and wonderful exploration are something that has grasped the attention of my whole family. Fairy tales have never been this fun.

Child of Light started to scratch the RPG itch so I also began a replay of Persona 4. The Shin Megami Tensei series is a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me, especially the more recent Persona 3 and 4 games. The game is a mix of turn-based battles and monster fusion with a high school sim added. It is as crazy as it sounds, and with anime-like character design, it's right up my alley of game types.

Last but certainly not least, I was given a copy of Kirby: Triple Deluxe to play so I could battle friends as a cute pink puff. It is the most improved Kirby game I've played since the Wii and is my game on-the-go till I get the newest Theatrhythm Final Fantasy or Super Smash Bros to fill that spot.

Anthony Cadogan (@Ubiquitous_Doom)

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist — Spies vs Mercs is one of my favourite multiplayer game modes. I played it originally in Splinter Cell Double Agent and was immediately hooked. This great component was missing from the previous game, Conviction, so I was very excited to play the newest version in Blacklist. I played it non-stop when it came out originally, and I've recently decided that I'd like to go back to it with some friends. There's nothing quite like outsmarting a team of mercs with high-tech gadgets, stealth and coordination, which allows you to successfully hack the data terminals. I do remember why we stopped playing it so much previously. There were a limited number of spawns available on each map, which meant you used to get spawn-killed like crazy no matter if you were a spy or merc. That killed the fun very fast. When that didn't happen, though, the modes were great fun. My favourites being Blacklist and Extraction.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag — AC MP tends to be my main multiplayer. I have been part of the Xbox Assassin's Creed multiplayer community since it was introduced in ACB. In particular, I am part of the "competitive" or tournament section which is made up of several thousand players. I like AC MP because it was so vastly different from typical stuff, which usually revolves around endless shooting — but don't get me wrong, I am a fan of shooters like Halo or the more recent and excellent Titanfall. I love playing the Artifact Assault mode (which is the most popular mode). It shares similarities with Capture The Flag but is interesting because of the AC MP style which adds lots of free-running and abilities. This makes the whole thing close and personal.

Titanfall — Titanfall is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to shooters. Any session always ends up being lots of fun and keeps me coming back for more. The Last Titan Standing mode can be very tactical and intense. What I love about experiencing this on the Xbox One is that, the dedicated servers make for the most stable and smooth online gaming experiences that I have ever had. I can't wait for more games to get these high quality servers on the Xbox One.

Josephine Johnson (@MegaKILLScreen)

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition — Or, when I'm playing, Tomb Raider: The Many Gruesome Deaths of Lara Croft. I mean really, in my hands, Lara is having the WORST day of her existence. Last night I spent twenty minutes repeatedly impaling her on various spikes. Not intentionally, I'm just terrible at this game. Despite my ineptitude, however, I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fantastic, I can't get enough of hunting and I'm really looking forward to unlocking all my upgrades so I can replay the game and collect all the hidden flotsam which appears to be scattered throughout the map. This is definitely worth playing up if you haven't already - and that's coming from someone who has never been a Tomb Raider fan.

Peggle 2 — I just picked up the Windy the Fairy DLC so I'm going to have another crack at completing all the challenges or at least getting the 50% achievement. Peggle 2 reduces me to childlike hissy fits at times though, so it's only to be 'enjoyed' in small doses.

So you made it this far, huh? That means it's your turn! What games are YOU playing this weekend? Spill the beans in the comments below.

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User Comments (23)



Kaine_Morrison said:

I'll be playing Mario Kart 8!
Also, Loving that you have a Picture of Mario as part of the Thread!



SuperKMx said:

Well, I've entered the golf tournament. Never played the course before, and using default clubs. No handicap. 3 under par. I'll take that for a start! :)

Nearly eagled the third, as well...



DRL said:

@Kaine_Morrison — Do you already have a copy of MK8 or are you going to a GameStop event? Either way, I'm jealous!

@EricDS — Have you been playing the story mode in Triple Deluxe? I reached the "final" boss last night, so I only have a little bit left to go. It's a pretty great Kirby game, but I definitely enjoyed Return to Dream Land on Wii so much more.



Kaine_Morrison said:

My game is completely payed off so I'll be getting it Day 1 and yes, I'm going to a GameStop event, both days!
I've got nothing else to do, so I might as well do something. And now, after hearing about the "Battle Mode" I NEED to try it. I'm glad I heard what they did before hand, because I'd be pissed if I got the game home and found Battle Mode missing. That was always my favourite part of the games!



DRL said:

@SuperKMx — I believe I was sitting at 5 under par? There were three consecutive holes that I botched pretty badly, so I'm thinking I will give it another go tonight to shave off a stroke or two.

@Kaine_Morrison — Good deal, man! And I'm with you on the Battle Mode. I'm absolutely crushed that they slopped it together the way they did. My friends and I didn't play Battle too much in recent installments, but it was always a nice way to change things up after racing for a while.



Anthinator said:

@DRL Seems like I have to get in on this Mario Golf huh? Will probably grab it this weekend and join in on the fun.



DRL said:

@Anthinator — You better hurry up! You're going to need practice, along with decent equipment. Ken and I are already getting our butts kicked by a couple folks.



JaredJ said:

playing catch up from last gen. I am playing the original Bioshock.



JaxonH said:

Wii U: Child of Light
3DS: Mario Golf World Tour
PS4: Trials Fusion
Vita: Borderlands 2
[no Xbox yet, but soon]



Gamer83 said:

Finished Super Mario 3D World so now working on finishing up New Super Mario Bros. U. Also playing a bit of Mario Kart 7 on 3DS in anticipation of Mario Kart 8. Also been mixing in some MLB 14 The Show on Vita.



SunnyShores said:

well i was going to wait for Elder Scrolls Online to hit systems next month BUT due to the 6 month delay I bought it for pc and it has taken over my life. so that's my weekend....ESO, no sleep.



Kaine_Morrison said:


I played Mario Kart 8 today.
It was fun!
There was no Battle mode available... just races.
There were 12 players going at once... which made it more interesting.
NO Blue/Spiny Shell in sight... thank goddesses
Every Character was already unlocked and so were nearly all of the Kart Customizations.
Not many people showed up, but that's understandable seeing as it was not promoted properly, I myself only found out this week.

The game ran beautifully and looked amazing! such attention to even the smallest details.
The races were very short though, they only were 2 laps each.

The cons:
Gliding... Again, it serves NO purpose. There should be "flying" stages for the gliders to warrant an inclusion. I hated this with MK7 as well.
When hovering and you go off the track, you slow down... It's unrealistic... just like Episode 1: Racer... You aren't touching the ground, so there is no reason to 1- Slow down and 2- Slip and slide in Water/Ice levels.

Also, the Kart handling was very "swishy" But I only used the Standard Kart for all of the races. I will wait to unlock them all in my copy of the game before I try the other ones.
With as much as was already revealed, I want to have a few things left unspoiled...



Anthinator said:

@DRL just finished downloading Mario Golf. Haven't played a MG since the GameCube days. Definitely looking forward to this though



DRL said:

@JaxonH — Good choices! I'm playing or have played all of those except for the Vita version of Borderlands 2.

@Kaine_Morrison — Hm. Of all the cons you listed, the only one that would actually bother me is slippery handling. Were you power sliding at all?

@Anthinator — Heck yeah! Be sure to get in on the tournament at some point. :)



JaxonH said:


Eh, I'm not having that good an experience with Borderlands 2 on Vita. I just popped it in and couldn't beat the little mini boss 5 minutes into the game because the controls are wack. You have to use the left and right sides of rear touchpad as actions, as well as left and right sides of OLED screen as actions. Doesn't work well at all in the heat of battle. Keep accidentally hitting the touchpad when I don't want to, and when I want to it won't register to sprint. The analogues aren't that good on Vita too so when I turn I find myself looking at the sky or ground half the time. NINETEEN ATTEMPTS and couldn't beat the mini-boss 5 minutes into the game because of the controls, and no difficulty setting doesn't help either.

Idk, I'm pretty bummed about this game- maybe the Vita just isn't cut out for home console experiences after all. The touchpad just isn't a viable alternative for shoulder buttons imo. The way I hold my Vita my fingers rest against it, so I have to actively try to not touch it while playing, and it's just not working for me. Idk, I'll give it another go later on tonight. Too upset with it right now to try again.



JaxonH said:


Haven't you ever seen Back to the Future? Hey McFly! Hoverboards don't work over water! Just one example of hovercraft speed being affected by the elements it travels over...

I don't think the game was meant to be realistic, but even so there are other instances of hover crafts slowing down or traveling at a different speed while over certain materials. Fast Racing saw you speed up or slow down depending if your hover car color matched the color of the pad. Think of it as science. Perhaps the tracks have greater magnetic opposition to keep hovercrafts gliding without friction. Perhaps off track there isn't the artificial field there to provide smooth sailing. Just sayin is all. You can use your imagination ;)



Kaine_Morrison said:

I was power sliding on every turn.... I blame Mario Kart DS Mission sfor that.
But it happened even when slightly adjusting my course.
But to be fair, I was playing only with the Standard Kart.
Also, unlike MK7, there were no stats listed anywhere for the Kart Piece Specs... It's completely blind when choosing. Hopefully it'll be back on the full version.



JaxonH said:


Oh I see. Ya, I try to stay on the track at all costs! I know how much it slows you down, and it sucks.

In MK7 I didn't like alot of the karts, the way they handled or had lower speed. I'ma have to spend a little time experimenting to find a good kart that handles decent for drifting but also has enough speed and acceleration to stay in the race...



Kaine_Morrison said:

Honestly, the Standard was great. Every race was defaulted to 100cc and I was always in 1st place with ease.
It just needs a bit better handling.



EricDS said:

@DRL I HAVE JUST FINISHED KIRBY TODAY!! The game has it's moments of challenge and is still just plain fun. Need to get world tour so I can attempt to play golf with you all

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