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Sherlock Holmes Sleuths His Way to Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

For every crime...

Koch Media has announced that their previously announced Xbox 360 title Sherlock Holmes; Crimes and Punishments will be making its way to the Xbox One when it releases in September.

The game, which is built in Epic's Unreal Engine 3, finds players taking control of Sherlock as he tries to solve multiple crimes, using his unique talents and his accomplice, Doctor Watson. Six cases will be available for players to solve, and gamers will be free to approach solving them in any way that they see fit. There's also the ultimate choice - do you enforce justice yourself, or leave it to the boys in blue?

We've got a batch of screenshots, which you can check out below and if they don't whet your whistle, the game's trailer is also available for you to check out.

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Generik said:

This looks promising. I've read most of the Sherlock Holmes stories and find them quite enjoyable. This looks a little like LA Noire in London in the late 1800's. If it plays at all like that, this is a total win!

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