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Rumour: Is Microsoft Lifting the Gold Requirement for Netflix, Hulu?

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Xbox Live Gold may be undergoing some major changes

Microsoft is looking to shake things up in regards to the Xbox Live Gold paywall requirements, if "multiples sources within Microsoft" are to be believed.

Ars Technica is reporting that Microsoft may be lifting the Gold requirement to use video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming apps. Currently, only those with Gold memberships can access these services, even if they are already paying the monthly subscriptions. In other words, even though you're paying Netflix $7.99/month, you still need to fork over another $59.99 to become an Xbox Live Gold member before using the movie-streaming service on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The sources are also saying that Microsoft may be looking at putting other services behind the paywall to offset these changes, although it is still very much unclear. Is it possible that the recently announced Xbox Originals TV series from Xbox Entertainment Studios be locked behind a Gold membership?

It's all rumour and speculation for now, but Microsoft may be preparing an announcement at next month's E3 conference which is slated for June 9th.

If this is true, removing streaming services like Netflix from the paywall is a very smart move by Microsoft. Both Sony and Nintendo do not charge extra for users to use these services on their respective consoles, so it is possible Microsoft is feeling the pressure to modify the Gold exclusive features.

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Generik said:

I have been paying for XBL Gold for 5-6 years now and I use the service to play online. This change wouldn't affect me in the least as I would still be paying for the service regardless but it does make sense. I never understood why someone should have to pay MS money to use another service that they pay directly for.

As to the Xbox Originals.. I think that should totally be a Gold exclusive. They need to be able to make money back from those shows and Xbox Live memberships should help with that.

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