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Here's Proof That External Storage Support is Coming to Xbox One

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Anticipated feature possibly coming in next system update

We've heard it from Microsoft's mouth that external storage support for Xbox One is coming in a future system update. Thanks to a post from Reddit user XboxOneDev, we may have confirmation that the highly-requested feature could be ready to go real soon.

In the picture posted above, we can see a notification message that says "External Drive Ready" on the bottom as well as significantly more storage space available on the users' Xbox One. The Reddit poster (a confirmed Xbox One developer) also teased "adding more hype on the list of things to come."

Monthly patches have been released regularly for Xbox One. We already know the new additions incoming in the new May system update, so it is possible that Microsoft could be preparing external support for the June or July update.


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Generik said:

I'm curious if the Xbox One will have to do some kind of format on the drive like what was required for flash drives on the Xbox 360 if you wanted to use it for game saves? The wording I supposed could just mean the Xbox has recognized that you plugged an external drive in and it's now accessible, but the cynic in my thinks it means it will require some proprietary process that makes that drive only usable when plugged in to an Xbox One.



ThreadShadow said:

How about some external storage support for 360? At least up the USB amount to 64GBs, please!

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