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The Xbox One is Getting Another Controller Update, Yay!

Posted by Ken Barnes

We appreciate fixes.

The Xbox One will be getting another firmware update for its controller, if the latest beta patches are anything to go by. The "1404" system patch which is rolling out to those in the Xbox Live beta program will contain a number of fixes for the Xbox One's operating system, as well as an update that is due to "help address controller disconnect issues" and "help address headset adapter audio quality."

The new update will also allow you to redeem a game code from an Xbox Live message (meaning that if you win one of the sweet Twitter contests that we run from time to time, we can send you a prize via Xbox Live messaging, and you can redeem it with one push of a button. Cool, huh?

Well, not everyone seems to think so. Engadget have gone live with a frankly bizarre article which claims that plugging your controller in - which needs to be plugged in anyway if you want to charge it - is a massive hassle, and hopefully something Microsoft stops putting us through "every month." Including this update - which isn't out yet - they will have done it twice, as far as we recall. Hardly back-breaking work to plug a controller in so that you get new features and improved functionality, is it? It takes all sorts, we suppose.

If the update has a successful beta, we should see it rolling out to all users by the end of the month.


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Three60Crusader said:

Thank you for mentioning engadget I couldn't believe that article. I'm like hassle? Huh? I think someone over there doesn't like Xbox to write such a stupid article.



Gamer83 said:

Damn, I was hoping when I saw the title that this would be about a design update that brings it more in line with the 360 controller. To be fair, since I don't own an X1 I haven't used the controller a lot but I've used it enough to know that compared to the first time I used a 360 controller, the One's feels pretty cheap, imo. I do like the improved D-Pad but I feel like it's a downgrade in other areas. It doesn't feel like it has as much weight (something I liked about the 360 controller) and analog sticks seem a bit looser. It's still a nice controller but I hope, like with the past Xbox consoles, some slight cosmetic changes are on the way soon.

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