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Feature: XBLA Sequels We Want to See on Xbox One

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Did your favourite download make our list?

You don't need us to tell you how successful Xbox Live Arcade has been for the Xbox 360. Even if you spend just a few minutes time browsing the impressive catalog of games the service has amassed since its inception in 2005, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of high-quality releases crowding around every turn. What's surprising is how few of those great games actually received sequels. That realization got us thinking about our most-beloved XBLA downloads, and which of them we'd like to see get new installments on the Xbox One.

Thus this feature was born.

What we've prepared for you is our top six games that we'd like to see sequel-ized at some point during the lifespan of Microsoft's latest and greatest gaming console — preferably sooner than later, of course. So have yourself a read and then head to the comments to tell us what your #1 selection would be. Critically acclaimed or under-appreciated gem, it doesn't matter; just choose a game that you love unconditionally.

So with the proper introduction out of the way, it's time to get "two" it.

Battlefield 1943

Greg Giddens: Some of my favourite XBLA titles have already got sequels or new versions in the works for the Xbox One: Minecraft, Trails Fusion, and possibly Shadow Complex. But there’s one title in particular that is crying out for an Xbox One version: Battlefield 1943. I spent well over 100 hours on this title back in 2009, collecting all the achievements and contributing to the Xbox community kill-count to unlock the Coral Sea map. It was a terrific game, set in the beautiful yet brutal tropic backdrop of the pacific theatre of World War II. Battlefield 4 certainly provides and visually stunning and exciting sets of combat scenarios, but there’s something about the weapons and vehicles of the 40s that brings out the best in this FPS series. With larger maps, an increased player count and prettier visuals, a new WWII excursion for the Battlefield series would be a welcome addition. It doesn’t even need to be WWII in fact. How about Battlefield 1913? You get that idea for free, EA.


Josephine Johnson: My arcade game of choice is Catan. Based on a board game that I've been playing since 1992, the Xbox version gave me an opportunity to play when my friends weren't available or I just wanted to kill a few hours. Sure, it wasn't as good as some other online versions of the game and it didn't offer any of the add ons or variants, but that's exactly why it needs a sequel! It would be great to see this released on Xbox one with the Cities and knights or Seafarers expansions. With people now tuning in to Wil Wheaton's Tabletop and (inexplicably) enjoying Big Bang Theory, both of which have featured Catan, there is a chance this could be a successful and popular title this time around. Despite some hefty bugs, the Xbox version had its merits. It was easy to play, the AI offered a reasonable challenge and instantly replaced players who rage quit and overall it successfully captured the spirit of the board game experience. With a little redevelopment and the addition of some game variants, I would purchase a sequel in a heartbeat!

Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved

Ken Barnes: For me, the original Geometry Wars was one of the purest gaming experiences that I've ever had the pleasure to...well...experience. The sequel had that little something extra. I remember how many times I wanted to throw the controller through the window as I logged on and realised that my friend had topped my score while I'd been offline. I'd remember how hard I had worked to best him last time, and how many times I had come close to losing that final life before hitting the big numbers. The pulsating soundtrack, the simple - yet beautiful - graphics, the controls...there's nothing even remotely close to GW2, in my mind. A sequel is highly unlikely of course, but that doesn't stop a guy from dreaming.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Dave Letcavage: To be honest, there are tons of XBLA games that I'd like to see get sequels, but none comes to mind with more urgency than Hydro Thunder Hurricane. With the original Hydro Thunder being one of my very favorite arcade machines of all time, you can bet I spent countless hours tearing up the waves in Hurricane. I'm already drooling over the thought of those next — err, I mean current — gen water effects and physics offering an even more dynamic experience than ever before. By beefing up the competitive online options and incorporating more boats and courses, you'd have all you really needed to justify another installment. Well, at least that would be more than enough to have me bouncing off the walls with excitement. And I can't be the only one, right? RIGHT?!


Wayne Davies: It's hard to deny that Limbo was and still is a fantastic game — even now it's considered as one of the very best XBLA games of all time. Developed by Playdead in 2010, Limbo is an intense platformer that uses a great physics engine to put emphasis on environmental-based puzzles. Part of what makes it so special is that there isn't any real narrative to speak of, making for a pure puzzle solving experience that openly lets the player interpret where they are and what is actually going on. All Limbo 2 would need is to be more elaborate with its puzzles and make the failed outcomes even more deadly. Currently Playdead are hard at work on what they call "Project 2", so let's hope it's actually a sequel to Limbo.

Shadow Complex

Anthony Bacchus: It's certainly crazy to think about, but my first downloadable Xbox Live Arcade game was Shadow Complex. I loved it back then and I love it now. I remember gushing over the old-school gameplay, the responsive controls and challenging bosses wrapped up in that fancy HD glory — all for a reasonable $15. It was the closest Xbox gamers ever got to having a Metroid game on their system, and frankly, I do believe it's time for a sequel. Shadow Complex reinvented what a downloadable game could achieve, and since its release in 2009, XBLA games have come a long way. I mean, is it really too much to ask for Chair Entertainment to give Infinity Blade a rest for awhile and set their laser sights on a sequel for Xbox One? With Microsoft's newfound focus on smaller developers through their ID@Xbox program (as well as recent positive feedback), I'm hoping we won't have to wait that long.

So what do you think? Do you agree with any of our selections, or are you pulling for a game that didn't make our list? Whatever your thoughts may be, make your way to the comments and tell us all about it!

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SuperKMx said:

I was happy enough with Hydro Thunder on the Dreamcast, and the sequel on XBLA didn't do much for me, I have to say. With that said, I don't think I ever gave it the time that I should have.

Might be time to wheel it out and give it another spin!



DRL said:

@Tasuki — Thanks for joining Team Dave. Your official membership card will be in the mail shortly. :)

@BadWolf09 — Thank you for the compliment.

@SuperKMx — You really should. If you liked the arcade/Dreamcast version, I can't see a reason why Hurricane wouldn't be right up your alley. It's basically the exact same game but with new courses.



Generik said:

Shadow Complex was far and away my favorite XBLA game. So many hours trying to get every single power up. Hours just running and gunning when I'd finished pretty much everything. Beautiful graphics and perfect controls!

Geometry Wars 1&2 absolutely! I'd even take a straight port of GW2 for the Xbone just to have it instantly available. Alas I agree that I don't think it's going to happen.

Honorable mention goes to Pinball FX2. I spent a ton of money on that game buying pretty much every table. I know they are working on a next gen version so shouldn't be too much longer. Question will be.. will we get the tables from the previous gen included if they've been purchased?



DRL said:

@DabaTheDoom — Heck yeah! I had SO much fun with the first. It was one of those games that my friends and I were completely absorbed by for a few weeks.

@Generik — I hate to admit it, but I've yet to play Shadow Complex. I missed it when it first released, and ever since then I've been saying I'll jump in when it's on sale. Unfortunately, I haven't been privy to a sale. One of these weekends when my schedule isn't exploding with games, I'm going to give in. I love the genre, so there's really not a reason good enough to let it pass me by completely.



Anthinator said:

@Generik Good to see someone on Team Anthony!

@DRL Get on it man! It holds up extremely well too. I wouldn't be surprised if its ever made free with Games with Gold.



Gamer83 said:

All good choices, if we can only get one, I'm going with @Anthinator's choice of Shadow Complex. That game was awesome, I actually stayed up all night the day before it released so I could purchase it the second it hit the XBL Marketplace. It was worth every penny and the sequel is long overdue.



SunnyShores said:

a sequel to I am alive would be nice. I believe it's on other consoles, but on XBLA as well counts.



DRL said:

@Gamer83 — Bad decision, dude. I happen to know that Team Anthinator does NOT send out awesome laminated membership cards. :p

@SunnyShores — Never did get around to playing I Am Alive, but it did look good. Now you have me curious. Next sale and it's mine! :)



Pichuka97 said:

Scott Pilgrim PLEASE!! I mean I want Ubi to port it over to Wii U (not likely) but either way, it was a great game. If they made a sequel, I don't care what system it was for, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.



CrazyOtto said:

Namco should port Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, Galaga Legions DX, and Pac-Man Museum to the Xbox One and PS4

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