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New Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots Appear Out of the Dark

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

The final game in the Arkham trilogy is looking bat-tastic!

The newly announced Batman: Arkham Knight skyrocketed to the top of our highly anticipated games of 2014, but these new in-game screenshots are making the wait practically unbearable.

Rocksteady Studios is back in the directing chair, claiming that this will be their last Batman game before moving on to something entirely new. One of the biggest changes to the gameplay will be the ability to drive the Batmobile over Gotham City, which has also been revealed to be five times bigger than the one in Arkham City. Even better, there will be absolutely no load times traversing between areas and buildings due to the power of the Xbox One. Rocksteady is referring to it as "a real, genuine next-gen game."

We can see what they mean just by gawking at these images below. Batman: Arkham Knight is gliding onto the Xbox One in October.


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DRL said:

This quickly jumped toward the top of my most-wanted list. Can't wait to see gameplay screens.

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