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Fulgore Returns to Killer Instinct in March

Posted by Ken Barnes

Spinal confirmed, too.

Microsoft has confirmed that the eight character to be released during season one of Killer Instinct will be the fearsome Fulgore.

Fulgore - who was a character in the original game - will be available to download in March 2014, as revealed by the below trailer. Another character from the original - Spinal - has also been confirmed as being released in January.

The free version of the game - which is available now - allows you to play as Jago. Individual characters will be available for £4 a pop, or £16 for the full set of eight.

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shingi_70 said:

The Fulgore Patch should be worth it since it includes Arcade, story, Classic Costumes, and some other stuff.

I'm calling it now the first season 2 fighter is Master Chief.

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