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Battlefield 4 Supports Kinect on Xbox One

Posted by Mike Zatorski

It's the little things that count.

At a recent Xbox One showcase, EA demonstrated the head-tracking capabilities of Kinect in conjunction with Battlefield 4. When Kinect located where the player was seated, it tracked head movements, which allowed for leaning and peeking around corners in the game. Although we don't have all the details as of yet, if head tracking is present when flying helicopters or jets, it could put a whole new spin on the first-person-shooter genre.

And it's not only the head-tracking capabilities of Kinect being utilized.

Kinect integration with Battlefield 4 also supports voice commands — a function that has existed in previous games in the Battlefield series. Players will be able to use these verbal commands to call for a medic, request ammo, let their team know they need a ride, and for thanking people who have helped them. Features like this haven't performed so admirably in the past, so hopefully the upgraded Kinect technology allows for it to finally reach its full potential.

Battlefield 4 is launching with Xbox One, so until then, we can only hope that this exciting proposition can be deliver on.


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mastodona7x said:

If this works it'll be awesome, especially as you say when flying. Suddenly being "forced" into having a kinect won't be a bad thing!

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