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Rumour: Rio To Bring Xbox 360 Games to Xbox One?

Posted by Ken Barnes

Dancing in the sand?

CNET are reporting that the recent-outed game streaming service that Microsoft are working on - codenamed either "Rio" or "Ridgeway" - could be used to stream Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One.

With Microsoft's new machine being entirely unable to play Xbox 360 titles (unless you consider plugging your 360 into your One and playing them that way to be "backwards compatible", which most don't), it comes as no surprise that the Redmond giant has something in the works that would allow some of the Xbox 360's greatest experiences to be available to those who bite the bullet and grab a new machine in November.

Reports are coming in that during an internal demo, latency on the service was down to 45 milliseconds. Far too high for multiplayer gaming, we'd say, but that would more than fit the bill for single player titles. Apparently, a demo of Halo 4 being pushed to a Surface tablet and Windows Phone using "Xbox quality" graphics was shown off at one of the company's recent internal briefings. That's good news, right there.

We're not expecting to hear a great deal more about this before at least 2014, but with Sony currently pushing Gaikai as a solution to backwards compatibility on PS4, we imagine that Microsoft has this one well and truly on the radar.


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Generik said:

I hope this pans out. I'd really like to hear all the XBLA games that I've invested in would get updated to work on the XBone. Not holding my breath though. :(



DRL said:

As long as latency isn't an issue, then I'm thrilled. :)

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