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Xbox One Will Allow Remote Downloads

Posted by Ken Barnes

Handy as you like.

Following on from Sony's announcement that the PS4 will allow you to remotely download content, Microsoft have come out and re-confirmed that this is also the case with the Xbox One.

Thanks to the console's "Low Power" mode, users can go and buy a game on the Xbox Games Store while they're at work, for example, and come home to find that the game has been downloaded while they've been away. Also, system and title updates can be delivered this way, meaning that there should - theoretically - never be a reason to wait for the system or a game to update before you can play it.

Fortunately, Xbox 360 system and title updates have generally been pretty swift to download thanks to the fact that they're compressed and iterative, as opposed to the PS3's generally overly long-winded way of doing things. But it's still a nice feature to have in a new console, nonetheless, and being able to queue up games when you're away from your machine is nothing but a bonus.


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Anthinator said:

It's simple but this is something I've been looking forward to on both next gen platforms.

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