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Here's The White Xbox One You Desperately Want, But Can't Have

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Employee gift "unique for our team"

We previously reported on a leaked picture of white Xbox One consoles being delivered to developers as their dev kits, but now it seems like a more finalized version will be available this November — for Microsoft employees only.

IGN has confirmed the existence of the white Xbox One and while the black console we've been goggling over for months is attractive, this exclusive white version is undeniably beautiful.

Squint hard enough at the picture above and you can make out the text "I MADE THIS" imbedded near the disc drive and the face buttons on the controller reportedly "pop" more prominently against the white design. In addition to bragging rights, employees get a 1 year Live Gold membership, an achievement (is it the same as the Day One Launch achievement?), all first party games, and most importantly — that it won't cost a cent.

We sure hope Microsoft will eventually release a white Xbox One for everyone to buy and this is only a timed exclusive for their employees. Colour shouldn't really be a deciding factor when buying a new console but more choice for consumers is never a bad thing.


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Gamer83 said:

The black consoles still go better with my entertainment center but that white one is very nice.

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