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Gamescom 2013: The Crew Walkthrough Trailer Impresses

Posted by Ken Barnes

Burning rubber.

The Crew is one of the Xbox One titles that really impressed when it was revealed at E3, so we'll take as much information as we can get as we run up to release.

Ubisoft has released a walkthrough trailer for the game, which follows one player as they customise their car, customise it, test it out, find a match, and take part in a track-the-line challenge. The trailer runs for more than 4 minutes, so you get to see a fair bit of gameplay and how the interface works. It's made us pretty excited to play the full game when it launches. Check it out, below.

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Anthinator said:

That caught my attention. Ubisoft is practically unstoppable at this point right? Seems like every release from them in the next year is a high profile title.



TheZeeMan said:

It's about time they stop wasting resources on dancing games as they are getting it out of the way off the bat :)

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