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Weekend Ahead: Win Microsoft Points!

Posted by Ken Barnes

And it's just SO...DARNED...EASY!

The weekend is coming up, and since we haven't had a competition for our super-awesome readers in a while, we figured we'd throw some Microsoft Points your way as a reward for battling through the week.

You've done well so far, young warrior. You've beaten that case of the Mondays, fought through a somewhat "meh" Tuesday, climbed over the hump that is Wednesday, and Thursday is here. One more day to go (well, two, but we're trying to cheer you up), and the weekend is yours for the taking.

As a reward for all your hard work, we thought we'd give away a couple of 2100 MSP cards to see if we can't help to push you along into the weekend with a bit of gusto. And all you have to do, is "like" Pure Xbox on Facebook. If you already "like" us on Facebook, then you don't have to do anything - you're already in the draw!

It really is that simple. We'll pick a couple of winners from our band of merry 'likers' on Friday evening (UK time), and we'll get your points codes to the winners just as soon as we can. This competition is open to the entire world, and we'll make sure you get the code for the right region, too.

And once the weekend is over, why not let us know what you played in our long-running forum topic about, well, what you played at the weekend?

Like Pure Xbox on Facebook, win codes. It couldn't be easier.

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