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Rare Considered Reviving Battletoads

Posted by Dave Letcavage

But could Rash, Pimple, and Zitz now be coming to Xbox One?

After news broke that Rare may be bringing one of their many beloved franchises to this year’s E3, we decided to dig a little further to see if we could find any hints as to what they could be working on – besides the rumored Killer Instinct. While we didn’t happen to score anything concrete, there was one tidbit of information that we found rather intriguing.

Speaking to Retro Gamer magazine (Issue 84, 2010), Gregg Mayles of Rare said:

“A few years ago, though we never actually started any work on it, we did have a think about if we were going to do a new Battletoads game, what would we do? Literally, a few days’ work and it never went any further. It wasn't particularly clear what it could be rather than what it used to be. ”

The magazine went ahead to ask if they thought XBLA would be a better home for The Toads than a physical release, to which Mayles replied:

“Yeah, that would probably be a better platform for a game like Battletoads. We’d have to keep the old difficulty level, of course. Maybe we could release it as pay-to-play – we’d only have to do one level and you’re not allowed to buy the next level until you’ve finished the last one. [laughs]”

Then another Rare staff member, Nick Burton, responded with:

“I think you might have something there, Gregg. [laughs] It’s always one of those difficult things when you reinvent something like that because a good portion of your audience will always want more of the same, but then another portion will be asking why you didn’t do something different with it. It just makes it difficult. Like Gregg says, though, never say never.”

We know it may just be wishful thinking on our part, however, it’s comforting to know that Rare have put thought into reviving our favorite rock ‘em sock ‘em Battletoads. Digital or otherwise, how would you feel about Rash, Pimple, and Zitz resurfacing on the Xbox One?

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Tasuki said:

As long as it was mind numbing hard like the others games I would love to see a new addition to the Battletoads franchise.



hYdeks said:

woah, weird, in the other Rare article I guessed Battletoads as the historic series, and now you have this article lol I would love to see the Battletoads return, but the chances of me getting a xbox one is very slim. So, I guess it doesn't matter to me if it does come back, or not

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