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Mirror's Edge 2 Appears on Amazon Germany

Posted by Ken Barnes

It couldn't be...could it?

While rumours of a Mirror's Edge sequel have been circulating for an awfully long time, we're still waiting on confirmation.

However, today - via the medium of the retailer's listing - things might have stepped up a little. Amazon Germany have listed Mirror's Edge 2 for Xbox 360, along with a mocked-up temporary packshot. The page confirms that the product is not the result of a third-party listing, and that it'll be delivered from when released - although the release date is not specified.

We've been down this road before and, more often than not, these products don't get listed without there being at least SOME substance to the story. We're not saying that Mirror's Edge 2 is definitely on the way, but the chances of spotting it at one of the E3 press conferences just got a little bit better.


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