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D3 Announces Turbo: Super Stunt Squad

Posted by Ken Barnes

Movie tie-in due in 2013

D3Publisher has confirmed that they'll be publishing a title based on the upcoming Dreamworks animated film Turbo for the Xbox 360 later this year.

The game - entitled Turbo: Super Stunt Squad - will be launched in the summer, to coincide with the release of the movie, which features the vocal talents of Ryan Reynolds, Bill Hader, and Paul Giamatti.

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad will feature a roster of characters from the movie, each with their own "signature street style" and "tricked-out skills" such as drifts, grinds, jumps and other stunt moves. Little else has been revealed as yet. We're hoping that developers Monkey Bar Games avoid the pitfalls of developing games based on movies.

Turbo is due to launch in cinemas in July in the US, but not until October in the UK. A fixed release date for the game is yet to be confirmed.

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