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Fruit Ninja Kinect's Space Capsule DLC is Out Today

Posted by James Newton


Containing everything we want in DLC — fruit and space — Fruit Ninja Kinect receives a second pack of extra content today with the release of Space Capsule on Xbox Live Marketplace.

There's new Achievements to grab, a new silhouette, background and the Comet Blade that "steers comets to create cosmic fruit collisions", apparently. All this will set you back 160 Microsoft Points, and you can queue it up here.

The fruit-smashing game is available now for 800 Microsoft Points. Is it worth it? Let our Fruit Ninja Kinect review explain.


Fruit Ninja Kinect Slices Up the Charts as the Top-Selling Xbox LIVE® Summer of Arcade 2011 Title

BRISBANE, Australia - September 7, 2011 - 'Space Capsule,' the second DLC pack for this summer's wildly successful Fruit Ninja Kinect from Halfbrick, is available for download starting today. With an army of fruit ninjas attacking the online leaderboards, Halfbrick's addictive title is already a breakout success less than a month after release.

The Fruit Ninja Kinect 'Space Capsule' DLC brings new content and achievements to the dojo, including the dazzling "Star Chart Background," the "Stellar Shadow" silhouette, and the "Comet Blade" that steers comets to create cosmic fruit collisions. And with an additional 50 Gamerscore points unlockable through three new achievements, players can earn even greater bragging rights over their rival ninjas.

'Space Capsule' is now available for download for 160 Microsoft Points ($2). Fruit Ninja Kinect is rated "E for Everyone" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and is available for download through Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 MSP ($10) for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system with Kinect™. All new items will be immediately available in the Sensei Swag menu upon download.

Fruit Ninja Kinect takes all the frenzied fruit-slicing action from the highly addictive hit mobile game and brings it full scale, allowing players to swing their arms and legs to attack fruit. With multiple local multiplayer modes, players can battle each other or team up to slice through an endless cascade of flying fruits while trying to avoid dangerous bombs.

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d20Dark said:

I'm starting to think they're going to release a "combo pack" of all the DLC themes they've been releasing. I mean- they're doing a LOT of DLC for a game that WAS $1 on phone and now is $10 on Xbox... PLUS they're releasing $2 pack after $2 pack. And I'm sitting back and waiting to get it with Gunstringer, but the Halo DLC pack is a must- the rest are just 'fun if I have $2 to waste".

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