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Control Your Level 75 Shaman with World of Warcraft on Kinect

Posted by James Newton

Stay in shape as you grind

We know what you're thinking: there's not enough hours in the day to exercise and feed your World of Warcraft habit, but now you can combine the two with another Kinect hack.

Taking a game based on hundreds of hours of key-tapping and mouse-clicking and turning it into a full-body action adventure sounds impossible, but the team at the University of Southern California used open-source drivers to make it a reality. Players control the camera with their left hand, lean around to walk in that direction and attack using right hand gestures.

Sadly this is destined to be yet another interesting tech demo with no chance of making it into the mainstream: do you know any World of Warcraft players who'd want to play it stood up?

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Karolcia said:

that's will be wonderfull to could play wow that way, mayby not raids but grinding could not be realy bad.

actually I can't wait when we will gona use special rooms (like on stra trek), or et least some kind of helmet with googels so you can feel like you are in the game for real



theblackdragon said:

more like 'do i know of any WoW players who'd be willing to give up their 12-button mice in favor of silly gestures with which to control their attack macros?' lol, no i do not -- not any of the serious players i know, anyway. they'd probably mess around with it for a short while and then go back to their mice and buttons when it's time to run raids again :3



Karolcia said:

Raids its diferent subject but I'm playing Wow for last 6 years and would like to try to play diferent way then just sitting for few hours and kliking.

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