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Xbox 360 Sales Double Thanks to Launch of Kinect

Posted by James Newton

Call of Duty probably didn't hurt

We know that Kinect had a successful launch worldwide, but in the UK it made a major impact on hardware sales, doubling the Xbox 360's previous week figures and putting it top of the home console sales leaderboard.

Whilst the launch of much-anticipated shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops no doubt contributed to this sales increase, Xbox 360 comfortably outsold PlayStation 3, which also received the latest Call of Duty of course. A spokesperson confirmed to Eurogamer that:

360 doubled last week and it was already selling a lot. Wii and PS3 have been beaten by 360 consistently over the past few months.

Software sales were also good, with Kinect Sports scoring a top five place in the UK charts ahead of seven other Kinect titles.

Did you buy an Xbox 360 with Kinect in this past week?


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Damo said:

Impressive stuff. I think the 360 + Kinect bundle is going to be a massive seller this Christmas. Kids love this stuff!



King_Boo said:

I wonder how much of that were just full upgrades, there's got to be some figures somewhere that show how many 360s are actually in use.

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