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Not Every Kinect Game Will be Button-Free

Posted by James Newton

"Hybrid" games for pad exist too

The overwhelming message from Microsoft's multi-million pound advertising campaign for Kinect is "you are the controller", but the Xbox 360 pad is also a controller. Couldn't the two be combined? Yes, yes they could.

Alex Kipman, creator of Kinect, revealed in an interview with that so-called "hybrid" games that utilise Kinect and the controller are already in development.

Games that are using the controller, which we know and love, and pieces, if not all, of the Kinect experiences to again make those experiences more immersive, more fun and more emotionally connected.

Whilst Kipman still stands strongly by his conviction that the controller is the "greatest single barrier" for consumers wanting to get into gaming, for those already accustomed to holding a controller this admission might just be enough to convince them that Kinect can offer the best of both worlds.

What games would you like to see combining Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller? Our recent article, From 40 Buttons to None - Can Steel Battalion Really Work on Kinect? contains our top choice.


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Slapshot said:

Controller plus motions and voice recognition combined could easily create some incredible results. The hardcore Steel Battalion we know very well might be making the jump upgraded instead of chopped!



The_Fox said:

Yeah, that probably is for the best. Some games would suffer badly without some type of control input.

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