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Molyneux's Milo Was "Never Announced as a Game"

Posted by Ken Barnes

So don't expect to play it

Is it, isn't it, is it, isn't it? Nobody's quite sure about whether Milo and Kate is ever going to materialise or not. Lionhead boss and Milo's dad Peter Molyneux said in August that he was working on the game in the hope it would be available to buy one day, but now father of Kinect Alex Kipman has gone the other way, saying "Milo was never announced as a game."

So what happened to Milo? According to Kipman, he ended up being digested by the cuddly lions of Kinectimals:

I will tell you that the technology developed in that sandbox, and by the way we continue to develop technologies in that sandbox, has migrated pretty closely to what you see in a game called Kinectimals

So there we go: we may never get the chance to purchase Molyneux's homage to childhood innocence. Not sure what all the fuss is about? This video demo from E3 2009 should enlighten you.

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