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News: EA Sports to Bring Kinect to More Titles

EA Sports to Bring Kinect to More Titles

EA Sports Boss Sees Opportunities

We're super-pumped to see the likes of FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13 appear on our release schedule complete with Kinect support, but EA Sports aren't about to stop there, according to an interview published by MCV this morning. Andrew Wilson, the big boss at EA Sports suggested that using voice commands are "as big an...

News: A New Peek into Minecraft's Future with Kinect

A New Peek into Minecraft's Future with Kinect

The creator jokes back

The details of Minecraft making its debut on home consoles via the Xbox 360 are literally nowhere to be found ever since we first heard the news about the game making its platform transition at this year’s E3 convention. We've finally got a few snippets of information now though, thanks to a recent interview that IGN ran...

Interviews: Twisted Pixel - The Gunstringer

Twisted Pixel - The Gunstringer

We talk to the master of puppets

Twisted Pixel's upcoming puppet-'em-up The Gunstringer is an interesting proposal, what with its combination of Rez and Crash Bandicoot and undead Wild West sheriff marionette lead, so we had to sit down with the team to figure out exactly what goes on in those heads of theirs. KINECTaku: Firstly, please introduce...

Interviews: Rare Studios - Kinect Sports

Rare Studios - Kinect Sports

Kinect's flagship title gets the Q&A treatment

Kinect Sports is one of the leading lights in the sensor's launch line-up, which is no surprise considering it's developed by talented Twycross team Rare. We grabbed the studio's communications manager Nick Burton for an interview about the game, Kinect's technological challenges and what's next for...

Interviews: Frontier Developments - Kinectimals

Frontier Developments - Kinectimals

A furry Q and A

With Frontier Developments' Kinectimals giving warm and fuzzy feelings to anyone who gazes upon its array of furry cubs, we decided to sit down with studio founder David Braben to discuss the game's development and Kinect's future. KINECTaku: How did you guys come up with the idea for Kinectimals? Were you inspired by any titles in...

Interviews: Lightning Fish Games - Get Fit with Mel B

Lightning Fish Games - Get Fit with Mel B

Famous fitness fanatic comes to Kinect

Fitness games have exploded in recent years, so any new titles have to do something extremely fresh to get noticed, with Kinect's launch line-up containing three workout titles. How can one title stand out in this crowd? By teaming with former Spice Girl and TV star Mel B, of course. Get Fit with Mel B is out...