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  • Talking Point What Were Your Favourite Xbox Live Arcade Games On 360?

    Castle Crashers? The Walking Dead? So many choices!

    Remember the Xbox Live Arcade era? This was a time when indie games and smaller downloadable games were all bundled under the "Live Arcade" moniker (instead of the "ID@Xbox" moniker they're given today), and although it started prior to the release of the Xbox 360, it's the period between 2005 and...

  • News Remember When Xbox Threatened To Delist Games With Poor Metacritic Scores?

    2008 was a different time

    Remember the days of Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360? The service served as a way for games to be published digitally, from major companies such as EA to one-person indie developers - and everything in-between. But back in 2008, Microsoft made the decision that it wanted to rid the service of lesser-quality titles, taking the...

  • Review Final Exam (Xbox 360)

    No flunking here

    Before playing Final Exam, we’d heard it be described as a sidescrolling Left 4 Dead, and, in all honesty, that’s a fairly apt comparison; it’s a 4-player zombie slayer with online co-op, a level set in a subway, and a massive, hulking enemy called a Tank. Superficial, skin-deep comparisons aside, Mighty Rocket Studio’s...

  • Review Foul Play (Xbox 360)

    Yellow card

    With Xbox Live Arcade going through one of its quality spikes of late, it seems that every week, there’s another big-name title just waiting to separate you from your cash. In the past month or so, we’ve seen Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Charlie Murder, Disney Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, DuckTales Remastered

  • Review BattleBlock Theater (Xbox 360)

    The Behemoth Is Back

    BattleBlock Theater is an Xbox Live Arcade platform puzzle game from The Behemoth, who are the developers of the excellent Castle Crashers and slightly-less-excellent Alien Hominid HD. The graphics are cartoonish, it features a good deal of laughs and some tricky puzzles that will test your dexterity later on. Also, it allows...