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  • Guide Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Weapon Damage Types

    All weapon types explained

    We've already given you a rundown of all of the different guns and melee weapons currently available in Halo Infinite, so now we're going to move onto explaining what each type of weapon does. There are four main types of weapon in Halo Infinite - Kinetic, Plasma, Hard Light and Shock - and each of these has its own...

  • Guide Halo Infinite Multiplayer: All Weapons List

    Every gun and melee weapon currently available in the multiplayer beta

    It may only be in beta form right now but Halo Infinite's multiplayer component has still got plenty of guns for you to pew-pew other players with, in fact there are a total of 22 weapons as it stands right now. As you're starting out in the game remember that you can jump into...