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  • Video A Look At The Cancelled Marvel Avengers Game Running On Xbox 360

    Avengers disassemble

    In 2011 - long before Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers was announced - THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue Entertainment were working on their very own first-person version of the popular superhero series for Xbox 360 and multiple other platforms. Its release was planned to coincide with the first Avengers movie, but THQ began...

  • News Be Soothed by Deepak Chopra's Leela's Soundtrack

    It's Sumthing Else

    A good soundtrack is crucial to any relaxation experience, so it's probably good news that the tunes accompanying Deepak Chopra's Leela will be released separately on 15th November. The soundtrack, put together by Sumthing Else Music Works, draws from "traditional string instruments and dubstep" and features artists...

  • News First Puss in Boots Screenshots Look Furry Good

    You might be surprised

    Licensed games rarely look good, but we have to say that the first screenshots of Puss in Boots don't look bad at all. The Kinect-exclusive title puts you in the feline footwear of the titular cat, with the official details laying out a three-stroke gameplay system: Master the style and charm of Puss in Boots in an engaging...