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  • News The Evil Within's Xbox Game Pass For PC Version Contains New Features

    You can now play the game in first-person

    The Evil Within launched on Xbox Game Pass for PC earlier this month, and it's now been updated to bring a ton of new features to the game - not found in the Steam version. As reported by Wccftech, players via Xbox Game Pass for PC will now be able to play the game in first-person mode - a feature which was...

  • Soapbox Now That It's On Xbox Game Pass, Please Try The Evil Within

    An open letter to all subscribers

    If I had a pound for every time I typed the word Bethesda this week, I could probably have outbid Microsoft and purchased ZeniMax myself - but it's such a big win for Xbox fans that it's hard not to talk about it. The initial announcement seems like a lifetime ago, and now here we are, it's official, the knot has...

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    Xbox One

    Review The Evil Within: The Assignment

    Extra marks for excellence

    If you're expecting The Evil Within's first story-based DLC, The Assignment, to play anything like the main game, you may want to sit down and read this first. While the original gave players a chance to fight back the horrors with plenty of weapons and gadgets, The Assignment throws all of that away for a more methodical,...

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    Xbox One

    Review The Evil Within

    Survival horror revival

    The Evil Within is the best Resident Evil 4 imitation to date, and in no way is that a bad thing. The similarities are nearly endless — zombie-like creatures, chainsaw-wielding maniacs — but the most common thread is that both games are created by survival horror mastermind, Shinji Mikami. With the bar raised so high, you...