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  • News Superhot: Mind Control Delete Is Now Optimised For Xbox Series X

    Running at 4K, 120FPS

    You've got to love these free Xbox Series X and S upgrades! The latest is for Superhot: Mind Control Delete, which now runs at a whopping 4K, 120FPS on Xbox Series X, and 2K, 120FPS on Xbox Series S! The news was officially announced on Twitter earlier today: Of course, Superhot: Mind Control Delete is currently available...

  • News Bought Superhot In The Past? Check Your Xbox Live Messages

    You can get the new game for free

    The third game in the Superhot series - Superhot: Mind Control Delete - is now available for Xbox One, and if you bought the original game before July 16th, you're entitled to a free copy of the new one. Folks over on Reddit have begun receiving their free codes via their Xbox Live Messages, but if you haven't got...

  • Review SUPERHOT (Xbox One)

    You are not in control.

    When SUPERHOT made its debut on the E3 stage back in 2015, the trailer raised more questions than it answered. Originally created as part of a game jam event, the developer – also called SUPERHOT – managed to raise over $250,000 through crowdfunding to bring the strange FPS to life. Fast forward to the present day and the...