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  • News 'The Outlast Trials' Re-Emerges With Horrifying New Trailer

    Body of Christ

    Developer Red Barrels began teasing its co-op horror prequel, The Outlast Trials, way back in 2019. We've seen bits of the game since then, but not for a short while. Anyway, it's back, and this new trailer is rather gruesome, perhaps unsurprisingly for a series where you spend most of your time running away from maniacs. There's a...

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    Review Outlast

    Into the darkness

    Outlast is a game you can brag to your friends about when finished. It’s also a survival horror adventure that probably shouldn’t be played by those with weak hearts. The tension scales so sporadically that even a half-hour session can leave you exhausted. But rather more importantly, Outlast is a finely crafted, well-paced...