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    Xbox 360

    Review F1 2013

    Another lap.

    In the history of Formula One racing, there have been only four Grands Prix that have ended with as many runners as have started. The 1961 Dutch GP, the 2005 Italian GP, the controversial 2005 US GP (which only had six starters) and the 2011 European GP. We were close this year, with only one failing to finish in the Belgian GP, but all...

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    Xbox 360

    Review GRID 2

    The wait is over...

    When Codemasters first unleashed Race Driver: Grid on an unsuspecting world back in 2008, they can’t possibly have expected it to be so well received. The almost arcade-style handling that allowed you to drive somewhat wrecklessly but that also rewarded skilful driving was the highlight, and the multitudes of race types,...

  • News Need For Speed: Most Wanted Headed to Kinect

    Criterion racer gets Kinect support.

    Those beady-eyed folks over at VG247 have spotted something rather special. It appears that Criterion's 2012 reboot of the game is more than likely coming to your Xbox 360 complete with Kinect support in October (or November if you're in Europe.) The official packshots for the game released at E3 don't contain...