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  • News Did Microsoft Surreptitiously Drop the Xbox One Price in the UK?

    We reckon they did. Sort of.

    For a while now, there's been debate over further Xbox One hardware price drops in the UK, and it looks like Microsoft are gearing up to present some deals ahead of an official announcement. At the console's launch, the system was available with Kinect for £429.99. Then, in February 2014, it was trimmed to £399.99...

  • News Amazon Prices FIFA 14 for Xbox One at £90. People Believe It.

    The price is wrong.

    We're as surprised as you about this one, but one of the current "trending" topics in the UK on Twitter is "FIFA for £90." Our spidey-sense was tingling, so we looked into it further to find that Amazon UK has put a placeholder price on FIFA 14 for Xbox One of a rather unbelievable £89.99. This comes after the news that the...