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    Review Pinball FX2 - Star Wars Rebels

    Strong with this one, the Force is

    Earlier this week we reviewed Avengers: Age of Ultron for Pinball FX2, and we regret to say that we were disappointed with it. Because it felt familiar and uninspired, we were a little bit worried that the developer, Zen Studios, might be losing some of that magic it's been injecting into its pinball tables for the...

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    Review Pinball FX2 - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron


    By now we should all be aware that the people at Zen Studios typically do stellar licensed work. Even when they don't entirely get it right – e.g. the chaos found in South Park Pinball – the fundamentals of pinball are handled well enough to offset the missteps, and it's hard to criticize them on that level. But recently a very steady...

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    Review Pinball FX2 - Iron & Steel Pack

    Catapults and six-shooters aplenty

    It feels like ages since Zen Studios created pinball tables that weren't based on comic books or cartoons. Actually, it's been three years. In that three years time, we've watched this talented studio craft fantasy pinball experiences that excel beyond anything we could ever expect to find standing on four legs in...

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    Review Pinball FX2 - South Park

    Salty balls

    South Park hasn't had the most luxurious history when it comes to getting the video game treatment. There's been a decent release here or there throughout the years, but for the most part we've been subjected to repetitive first-person shooters and uninspired platformers. That is until earlier this year when South Park: The Stick of...

  • Guide The Best Pinball FX2 Tables Money Can Buy

    Are you ready to have a ball?

    Are you interested in buying Pinball FX2 but aren’t sure which tables to download first? Well, considering some of us at pX are massive pinball junkies, we’ve compiled a little guide of sorts to help you get started. These are the tables that we find the most enjoyable to play, and ones we believe would be great...

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    Review Pinball FX2 - The Walking Dead

    Get bit.

    The critically acclaimed first season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead (hence forth referenced as Season One) invades the best version of digital pinball currently on the market, Pinball FX2, and the results are quite impressive. This closely-coordinated effort between Telltale and FX2 developer, Zen Studios, comes hot on the heels of...

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    Review Pinball FX2 - Guardians of the Galaxy

    Chart topper or flipper flopper?

    It’s been a big summer for the Guardians of the Galaxy, has it not? Thanks to the critical and commercial success of the motion picture, this ragtag team of superheroes has risen from utter obscurity to a common household name in what seems like the blink of an eye. That means comic books, action figures and other...