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  • News Payday 3's Developer Is Attempting To Close A 'Publishing Agreement'

    "We are standing strong and confident in our efforts"

    Starbreeze Studios, the developers behind the immensely popular Payday 2, have commented about the future of the company and a future publishing partnership that is being made to secure Payday 3's release. In a Q4 2020 report posted by the company, it boasted a successful year following new...

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    Review Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

    A Complete Bust

    Last year, several notable releases found themselves under scrutiny for releasing in a broken state. Sadly, this trend has continued into 2015 as yet another broken game is available for purchase. This time around it is publisher 505 Games who have put a horrendous version of Overkill Software's popular cooperative shooter Payday 2...