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  • News Halo's Live-Action Series Won't Be 'Core-Canon'

    It's known as the "Halo silver" timeline, internally

    Next year sees the release of the Paramount+ digital series, Halo - featuring a live-action version of Master Chief. It's raised some concerns about how this show might impact the games and books, and how it might fit into the entire series as it exists today. Halo's Transmedia boss Kiki Wolfki

  • News Paramount's Live-Action Halo TV Series Gets Its First Proper Trailer

    Streaming in 2022

    Our first proper look at Paramount's upcoming Halo live-action TV series has arrived, although admittedly it's a pretty short one — it's more of a teaser than a full-blown trailer, but we'll take what we can get! It was revealed as part of The Game Awards 2021, and you can watch the short clip above. "Gear up. This is the...

  • News Halo's Live-Action Series Is Now A Paramount Plus Exclusive

    Set to premiere next year

    It's been announced the Halo live-action television series will now air on Paramount Plus instead of Showtime when it lands in 2022. The series has been produced by Showtime, in partnership with 343 Industries and Amblin Television. The show stars Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief and takes place in the same universe as the...