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  • Rumour Kinect 2 Capable of Reading Lips and Emotions

    Project Skynet commences

    After last week's next Xbox rumours comes another set from Eurogamer, this time focusing on the upgraded Kinect said to come with every machine. Anonymous sources have apparently told Eurogamer Kinect 2 is capable of lip reading, and can detect emotion in the user's voice. Eurogamer also claims the next Kinect can...

  • Rumour Next Xbox Split in Two Models for Kinect and Core

    Which would you choose?

    Xbox 360 has been around for six years now, and although regular Dashboard updates and the introduction of Kinect have kept things fresh, eyes are starting to turn towards the next machine in the Xbox line. The latest rumours, from technical wizards Digital Foundry (via Eurogamer), claim that the new machine will come in two...